Services We Offer

High & Low Level Windows - Skylights - Solar Panels - Fascias - Gullies & Gutters - Canopies & Conservatory Roofs - Gantrys - Offices - Warehouses - Jet-Washing, Driveways,  Paths, Decking - Builders & Sparkle Cleans

Windows - Glass Partitions - Skylights

Conservatory Roof - Canopy - Fascia - Gutters

We can bring your tired and dirty looking roof back to looking clean and fresh. This service includes the roof, all framing, gutters and windows and seals.  Also, gutters and be repaired, emptied and flushed out if required.


Driveway - Path - Patio

A great way to smarten up your driveway, we can do just this. We use the best high pressure jet washing equipment available. We start by treating any heavily stained areas, then fully clean all the area, this process removes all those ugly weeds from between the blocks and brings the area back to looking like new. We then sand the gaps between the blocks and if you want we can then resin seal the area to protect from weather and prevent those weeds from growing back through, we recommend having it sealed to keep it looking smarter for longer.



We can freshen up your tired and weathered decking back to looking bright and fresh. This service can also include any repairs, rotten / damaged / loose areas if required.  We start with a full deep clean to remove all dirt, stains and old varnish taking it back to bare wood. You choose the colour and we then treat the decking to protect and keep it looking smart.